The Heart of the City


The place that I call home…


As a welcome I thought I’d make my first post a homage to the suburb of Melbourne that I call home. The first time I came to Fitzroy was in 2003 as a fresh-faced twenty-something and I took to the place straightaway. The obvious things I first noticed was the vibrancy of the streets and the sheer variety of the shops, walkways and of course the people. I walk around and every time spot something new or different, whether its a tucked away piece of street art or a hairstyle I’ve never seen before!

I grew up in a small provincial English town which could kindly be described as ‘conservative’ and the contrast between that and the bohemian thread of Fitzroy couldn’t be more paramount. I’ve never felt out of place though, and I’m not what you would call the most left-field of people. It’s a casual shrug of acceptance and welcome and away you go.

I’ve been back twice since my first visit but never imagined that I would end up living here. Now I am I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.