Ego vs Humility

I saw an interesting tweet from the author Joanne Harris the other day, which talked about the often opposing emotional responses that a writer has to wrestle with once they are serious about putting their work out into the world.  One, to possess the ego to talk positively about their writing, pat themselves of the back a bit and be confident to say that yes, you are worthy.  And on the other, have the humility to accept criticism without flying off the handle.

Neither of which I’m very good at.

To start with the latter, I’ve not had much experience of strident criticism of my work. I remember somebody whose opinion I respected saying they didn’t like the ending of one of my novels. It hurt, because it was someone I really wanted to wow (I was kind of in love with her to tell the truth – which is not a fair position to put someone in to start with!), but once I’d calmed down, it was OK. If 100 people had all said the same thing then I would have had a problem with the novel which needed addressing, but you can’t please everyone all the time, so I let it go.

But to be fair virtually everyone who has read any of my stuff is friend or family.  There have been a couple of exceptions, but it mainly holds true.  And this feeds on to the ego thing, because I’ve been reluctant/lazy to really make my work accessible, and to self-promote.  You can find the majority of my stuff on this blog, but only if you persevere. So I need to start getting better at that.

With that in mind, in the next couple of weeks another page will be added to this blog. I’m envisaging it as a kind of bibliography of all my writing so far.  I’ll list my novels, novellas and short stories and where they can be found.  I want to try and keep a vague record of all the writing I’ve done in my life, so this will include some work that isn’t fit for human consumption, but I want to have it there anyway, even if only for personal nostalgia.  I’ll also link to my social media feeds, Goodreads profile and anything else I can think of. This is only scratching the surface, but I’ve got a body of work behind me now, and if I can generate some interest, then hopefully I can work on that whole humility thing.

So, keep an eye out and the page should be up soon.